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Ron Siegel’s Black Cod/Chilean Seabass, Daikon, Shimeji, Tatsoi, And Dashi

Previously, on – * My first introduction to Ron Siegel was his appearance on Iron Chef Japan.  Looking at the food that he presented at the end of the lobster battle and listening to the comments being made, I thought to myself,”if it’s really that good, I really want to try his food […]

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Cod Cheeks With (Garlic) Wasabi Pepper Sauce

Previously, on – * * So I was in a quandary about what to make for supper (Thursday) tonight until I remembered seeing an item at Legal Seafoods’ Market at Chestnut Hill – cod cheeks.  If memory serves me correctly, Matsuhisa-sama has halibut cheeks with wasabi pepper sauce on the menu at […]

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Crisp Skin Striped Bass With Sauce Bordelaise

Previously, on * So I had leftover bordelaise from last Sunday’s SRF ribeye dinner.  What to do?  So I looked about the web and came across Jennifer Che’s visit to Per Se – As I was looking through her report of the lunch there, I noticed the striped bass course with the […]

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Snake River Farms Ribeye With Roasted Vegetables And French Laundry-Style Sauce Bordelaise

Previously, – * * * ..if it’s not literally a perfect custard, but you have maintained a great feeling for it, then you have created a recipe perfectly because there was that passion behind what you did…this is my greatest hope – you’re going to create something that you have deep […]

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Thought Of The Day

There is an inherent contradiction between a cookbook, which is a collection of documents, and a chef, who is an evolving soul not easily transcribed in recipe form.  A recipe has no soul.  You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe….I can tell you…how to make a custard…But you won’t have a perfect […]


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Seaweed Battered Fish (苔條黃魚)

…I like seaweed, so I serve it in salad and hope it catches on more worldwide… –Nobu: The Cookbook, p. 135 After my recent trip to see my folks, I came back with a bit more of aonori than what I knew to do with.  The only thing I could come up with was to […]

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Tomato Soup, French Laundry-Style

Previously, on – * * My wife loves tomatoes.  So I thought I might surprise her with a tomato soup. But how to make a good tomato soup (having never made one before)?  A commentary from the Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry Cookbook (p. 31) suggested a good way to think about […]

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