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‘Traditional Chirashi’ Sushi Bowl From Nobu: The Sushi Book (aka Nishime)

Previously, on – * While I was at Nobu 57 for an omakase dinner, I took the opportunity to pick up a copy of Nobu: The Sushi Book.  While I was perusing its contents, I noticed a dish entitled Traditional Chirashi Sushi Bowl (p.106,107). It’s basically a braised chicken and root vegetable on […]

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Spinach Appetizer Soup, Thomas Keller Style

Previously, on – * I’ve sort of been busy with work and hosting my in-laws these last two weeks.  I wanted to impress my in-laws with one final new offering before they headed home on a Sat night flight.  My in-laws had been impressed by my chilean seabass with pan roasted mushrooms, steamed […]

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