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On Soba Broths/Dipping Sauces

Recently, my wife asked about making a soba soup for lunch one day.  On thinking about the problem, I thought about the times I had nabeyaki udon at restaurants.  If memory serves (with respect to Chairman Kaga), it seems that the versions of nabeyaki udon that I preferred were savory and not sweet.  This occurred […]

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Iron Chef Morimoto’s Oyako Don For Two

So this past week, I’d been trying to figure out how to make my wife happy for a Monday night dinner.  Perusing through Iron Chef Morimoto’s Mastering The Art Of Japanese Home Cooking, I spotted his version of Oyako Don (p. 67,68). I’d made a version of this dish once before from Tsuji’s “Japanese Cooking: […]

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Steak And Morimoto Tangy/BBQ Sauce

Previously, on – * (21 Dec 2009) I recently had an omakase dinner at Morimoto NYC (21 Dec 2016) and picked up a copy of Iron Chef Morimoto’s new book Mastering The Art Of Japanese Home Cooking.  On pgs 146/147 was the recipe Hambagu – Japanese Style Hamburger With Tangy Sauce.  The recipe […]

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Red Braised Pork Belly – Morimoto Kakuni (his faster version)

Previously, on – * Over the last several weeks, I started getting a little stir crazy since I hadn’t been able to get a chance to try and make some new dishes.  Work pretty much had my attention  –  trying to get another product out the door. …and then I ran across the […]

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A Sunday July Dinner

* Hiyyako, Matsuhisa Dressing * Garden Salad, Morimoto Yuzu Vinaigrette * Roasted Chicken Wings, Matsuhisa Anticucho Kushiyaki Sauce * Rice My wife did a nice job roasting the chiclen wings at 450 degrees F for 30 minutes!


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Morimoto Scallop Congee

So my wife decided she wanted to make red braised pork shoulder/pork belly for dinner (and I knew we were going to have leftovers). I needed to think about what would go well with the red braised pork leftovers.  Well that something was going to be the Iron Chef Morimoto’s Scallop Congee (Morimoto: The New […]

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Thanksgiving Omakase At Home 2015

Previously, on – * * * * * * * So finally, Thanksgiving 2015 finally arrived. Many of the dishes I was going to offer I’d worked on over the course of the last 4 years.  So for the first course was: ‘Shunko’: Michiba-Style ‘Grilled’ Miso Marinated […]

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