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Ingredient Alert: A5 Kobe/Wagyu

Wegmans Chestnut Hill is currently stocking A5 Japanese Kobe and mentioned that this will be a regular item. Ask for Toby – he will help you….

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Making nigiri: an appreciation

Previously, on – * It’s been a crazy August, what with moving into new quarters (packing, moving, unpacking) and also looking for new employment at the same time. So during the course of my food adventures, I’ve learned how to make sushi vinegar, how much of it to use with rice that keeps […]

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Scaling Shari (Sushi Rice For Nigiri)

I’d recently figured out that my family liked sushi rice made with 2 teaspoons of sushi vinegar per rice bowl of rice. As I began thinking about the holiday meal later this year, I began thinking about Matsuhisa-sama’s rice course – 5 pieces of nigiri as the last savory omakase course offering. Nobu: The Sushi […]


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Ingredient Alert: Ayu (Sweetfish) Fish Sauce

Previously, on – * Found at the sushi/sashimi-grade fish counter at Mitsuwa, Edgewater, NJ:

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