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Nobu ‘Toro Rossa’ Sauce

Previously, on – * This weekend, my wife suggested we do at-home-korean-bbq with an eye to the fact that the restaurants in the area were going to be crowded due to the Easter occasion and the 2017 Boston Marathon.  While I knew korean bbq used ssamjang and salted sesame oil dipping sauces, I […]

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Nobu Miami Branzino Tempura With Florida Amazu Sauce

A couple of months ago I took an interest on trying Nobu Miami’s Branzino Tempura With Florida Amazu (p. 95, 96).  From past experience, making the branzino tempura itself wasn’t a big deal.  However, making the sauce was a surprise.  Both my wife and I felt the sauce was way too sweet; we actually wondered […]

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Nobu Scampi/Langoustine With Spicy Lemon Garlic Sauce

I’d been dreaming about making this dish for years since I’d gotten Nobu: The Cookbook (pgs 50, 51, 172).  While I’ve regularly been making things like shrimp/lobster with spicy lemon dressing, it was only yesterday (20 Jan 2017), that I’d discovered that Eataly Boston’s Pescheria@Prudential Center had fresh live langoustines.  Vinny at the Pescheria counter […]

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Christmas Omakase At Home 2016

Previously, on * * * * * * * So at long last, my last major dinner of the year was here.  And what a whirlwind of preparation it was to get there.  I started making the cones a couple of days before the dinner and wiped […]

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Thanksgiving Omakase At Home 2016

Previously, on – * * * * Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men…. So when I got down to my parent’s home, I discovered a bunch of unexpected surprises. I got requested to add more vegetables to the holiday meal.  So for the opening appetizer, I swapped […]

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Nobu Spicy Sour Sauce

Previously, on – * * So tonight (2 Nov), I found out my wife wanted me to cook monkfish for dinner.  So the first thing I thought of was to make Matsuhisa-sama’s baked monkfish dish with tosazu.  Unfortunately, I discovered that I didn’t have any rice vinegar and I didn’t have any […]

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Nobu Herb Grilled Chilean Seabass With Lemon Soy

Previously, on – * What to do for autumn meal?  I was thinking about going to an old standby – chilean seabass with yuzu soy butter truffle; but I had to remind myself that my wife wasn’t found of heated butter, clarified or other wise.  So I thought I might try Matsuhisa-sama’s Herb […]

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