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Vegan Tacos, Nobu Style

Previously, on – * A number of years ago, I saw the Nobu/Matsuhisa restaurants add tacos (!?!?) to the menu….and then Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook suggested a vegan approach to the taco’s (Ten Tacos, p 86, 87) in 2011. So now I wanted to take a crack at making the tacos, with an eye […]

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Making nigiri: an appreciation

Previously, on – * It’s been a crazy August, what with moving into new quarters (packing, moving, unpacking) and also looking for new employment at the same time. So during the course of my food adventures, I’ve learned how to make sushi vinegar, how much of it to use with rice that keeps […]

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Scaling Shari (Sushi Rice For Nigiri)

I’d recently figured out that my family liked sushi rice made with 2 teaspoons of sushi vinegar per rice bowl of rice. As I began thinking about the holiday meal later this year, I began thinking about Matsuhisa-sama’s rice course – 5 pieces of nigiri as the last savory omakase course offering. Nobu: The Sushi […]


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Sable (Black Cod)/Chilean Seabass With Maui Onion Salsa, Nobu 57-Style

Previously, on – * * So I’ve been having something of a scramble as of late – looking for a new place to live since they wanted to renovate the place in which I was living.  So a lot of my free time has been spent helping to pack both our belongings […]

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Nobu West’s Dublin Bay Prawn/Langoustine ‘Cocktail’

Previously, on – * * …To my mind, nothing beats a little light grilling…it’s crucial that shrimp is only partially cooked – say 70% to 80%… – Nobu: The Cookbook (p 46) Scampi With Spicy Lemon Garlic Sauce: …Grill or broil the scampi shell side down over high heat for 2-3 minutes […]

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Stretched ‘Grilled’ Shrimp (nobashi ebi yaki)

I’d been wondering for a long time about how shrimp is stretched for tempura, but in particular for grilling as done for the Nobu recipes. Tsuji discusses the topic on p.237,238 of Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art about making a series of horizontal cuts across the shrimp belly and then tapping the back with the back […]

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On Soba Broths/Dipping Sauces

Recently, my wife asked about making a soba soup for lunch one day.  On thinking about the problem, I thought about the times I had nabeyaki udon at restaurants.  If memory serves (with respect to Chairman Kaga), it seems that the versions of nabeyaki udon that I preferred were savory and not sweet.  This occurred […]

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