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Adria-Style Toasted Bread With Chocolate

I was thinking about how to make a quick simple dessert on a warm fall day. Looking through my library, I found Ferran Adria’s Toasted Bread With Bittersweet Chocolate (Food & Wine Chef Recipes Made Easy,p. 11).  I found the online recipe at: The recipe was staggeringly simple.  But I wanted to add my […]


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‘Boiled’ Anago/Sawara, Nobu-Style

Previously, on – * Today was a very warm fall day and I was thinking about wanting to have una-don for dinner. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any store bought unagi.  I did have a nice large sawara fillet.  Remembering how I prepared sawara hakuni-style, I thought I could prepare the sawara fillet using […]

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Nobu-Style ‘Breakfast Sobagaki’

Previously, on – * I recently came across a menu listing at which had an item listed as Buckwheat Bircher Muesli. The menu items was described as oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, dried fruits   nuts, brown sugar, soy milk.  Applying what I learned earlier in making the ‘dinner sobagaki’, I realized I might […]

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White Peach ‘Aliantha’

Previously, on – * I’d been thinking about how to reproduce a flavor I’d read about in a novel years ago.  That flavor profile was described as …a light, sweet taste like that of a ripe peach faintly blended with salt and lime… One of summer’s offering is a perfectly juicy ripe white […]

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