‘Boiled’ Anago/Sawara, Nobu-Style

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Today was a very warm fall day and I was thinking about wanting to have una-don for dinner. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any store bought unagi.  I did have a nice large sawara fillet.  Remembering how I prepared sawara hakuni-style, I thought I could prepare the

A nice spanish mackerel (sawara) fillet

sawara fillet using the Boiled Sea Eel recipe from Nobu: The Cookbook (p.166). Looking at the recipe, I noticed the recipe made large amount of braise. So scaling down the recipe, the microbatch version was:

braise base (sake and water already in the pot)

2 c water
2 T + 3/4 t sugar
2 T + 1 t + 1/4 t soy sauce
1 T sake

Allocated soy sauce for the braise

I combined all braise ingredients into a pot and brought it to a boil.

All braising elements ready for cooking


Readying the braise for the sawara fillet

I then split the sawara fillet into two pieces to fit into my pot with

Getting the fillet ready for the braise

the braise at a simmer and cooked it on the simmer for 30 minutes.

simmering the sawara

While my wife was preparing a salad with the Nobu West sherry vinegar/olive oil dressing, I took the braised sawara of the stove to let it cool for about 5 minutes.  I took two plates and got a rice bowl of rice onto them, gently flattening the mound and then sprinkled it

‘Boiled’ Sawara Don, Nobu-Style

with black sesame seeds.  At that point, it was just a matter of topping it with a portion of the braised spanish mackerel.  While I chose not to garnish the sawara with tsume or kabayaki sauce, I found this braised spanish mackerel lightly (and nicely) sweet with the little soy punch.   I would be curious how this would taste after chilling this boiled sawara would taste as nigiri, drizzled with tsume or kabayaki sauce.


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