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Ferculis in tempore virus (Menu in time of virus)

Su Pan roasted Boneless Shortrib Nobu Soba ‘Risotto’, brussel sprouts, Nobu Balsamic Teriyaki Mo Soy Braised Chicken Drumsticks Morimoto Congee, Peapod leaves Tu Nobu Jalapeno Moromiso Chilean Seabass Paper thin cucumbers, Sauteed Asian Cabbage We Morimoto Snapper Rice Garlic Sauteed Spinach, Garlic Sauteed Bell Pepper ‘batons’ Th Roast Chicken Leg ‘Ballotine’ Sauteed Arugula, Demiglace Fr […]


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Agar ‘Jell-O’

Previously, on – * * As I mentioned during the dashi gelee write up, I thought I was now ready to try to make a fruit Jell-O swapping out the gelatin for agar. Because of the acidic constraint on agar as mentioned here: ( ) I thought I would use double […]

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Dashi Gelee

Previously, on – * One of the things my niece really loved at her very first omakase dinner at Morimoto NYC was: Bonito/Katsuo tataki shaved smoked katsuobushi, black truffle, smoked katsuobushi dashi agar gelee, wakame that was handed to us by Omae-san. She’s been after me to make that dish.  One of the […]

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Morimoto NYC: Scallop Aegoromo, Asparagus, Black Truffle

Previously, on – * * This is going to be a very difficult entry to write. Based on the omakase dinner I had at Morimoto NYC 28 Dec 2019, I was thinking about trying to reproduce two dishes at my niece’s request. With just a couple of exceptions, I’ve had a yearly […]

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