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Recently my wife wanted something light – what with the recent stretch of hot weather here in the Boston area.  I thought the easiest thing to do would be to make a yosenabe. Over the years, I’ve had yosenabe in the Boston area and occasionally, they have noodles added to the dish (making the yosenabe […]


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Tobanyaki For Breakfast

Previously, on – * * I must say I was inspired when I heard about a Nobu breakfast dish I hadn’t heard about before.  The dish appears on page 4 of the the in-room dining menu found online at: Click to access NOBU-Dining-Upscale-In-Room%20Dining-1.pdf The dish is described as, “Breakfast Tobanyaki – Kurobuta […]

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On Cooking OToro/Toro

Previously, on – * * Recently, Food Network aired an episode of Chopped (“Cleaver Fever”) where the appetizer round featured tuna belly (was it otoro or toro?  It looked like otoro to me).   During the appetizer preparation, one of the cheftestants commented that cooking the tuna belly could risk turning it into  […]

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