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Morimoto’s Sweetfish And Rice (Red Snapper And Rice) For Two

As mentioned in one of my earlier posts ( one of the applications for dashi is Iron Chef Morimoto’s Sweetfish (Ayu) And Rice from his book, Morimoto: The New Art Of Japanese Cooking, in the section “Recipes To Contemplate”.  While it’s obvious it’s pretty difficult to get Ayu here in the Boston area, Morimoto comments […]

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Nobu Chilean Seabass And Truffles With Yuzu Soy Butter Sauce

Chilean Seabass And Truffles With Yuzu Soy Butter Sauce is probably the very first full-blown recipe I ever attempted from Nobu Matsuhisa’s Nobu: The Cookbook. Here’s a link to the online recipe – When I first did this dish back in 2004 (before my very first visit to Matsuhisa in Dec 2004), it was […]

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Broiled Arctic Char, Nobu Style

In Nobu Now, there is a recipe for Grilled Salmon With Baby Spinach Chips.  This dish currently appears as Tasmanian Ocean Trout With Baby Spinach at a number of Nobu’s restaurants. In that recipe, the sauce is a drizzle of 2 parts clarified butter to 1 part ponzu. I’ve tried that recipe before and felt it […]

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Morimoto’s Chicken Noodle Soup

A couple of Saturday’s back (26 March 2011), my wife and I wandered over to Sapporo Ramen at Porter Square in Cambridge.  We had looked up the restaurant and decided to give it a try (especially given my wife’s fondness for noodles in soup). I was aware that the original driving force behind the restaurant, […]

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