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Eric Ripert’s Lemon Confit

Previously, on – * * So I thought I would take another crack at remaking Chef Ripert’s dish of Poached White Fish With Lemon Confit Miso And Mushroom Consomme.  But to do that, I first needed to learn how to make his lemon confit. For Chef Ripert’s lemon confit, I found his […]


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Revisiting a sherry vinegar recipe

Previously, on – * While watching a recent episode of ATK’s called New England Classics, a taste test of sherry vinegars was featured: I was intrigued since I’d made a Nobu West dish Mackerel ‘Shio-yaki’ And Vegetable Salad a while back and wondered how it would taste given a reviewed sherry vinegar. […]

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Iron Chef Morimoto’s Oyako Don For Two

So this past week, I’d been trying to figure out how to make my wife happy for a Monday night dinner.  Perusing through Iron Chef Morimoto’s Mastering The Art Of Japanese Home Cooking, I spotted his version of Oyako Don (p. 67,68). I’d made a version of this dish once before from Tsuji’s “Japanese Cooking: […]

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