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Putting Lakanto to work

So, this weekend I wanted to try out the new Lakanto 1:1 sweetener to work. First up was making sushi vinegar and to try it out on making a bara chirashi. The sushi vinegar recipe I used was from Nobu: The Sushi Book, p. 12. The recipe called for combining: 2/3 cup of red rice […]

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Darphin Potatoes

So as I was thinking about the holidays meals for 2018, I was reminded of the various constraints on my menu planning. In contemplating things like meat-and-potatoes,  it had occurred to me that I maybe I could do something like darphin potatoes.  Joel Robuchon’s (The Complete Robuchon, p. 627) darphin potatoes were basically 2 lbs […]

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Roast Turkey Thighs

One of my young relatives has been after me about making some kind of roast turkey dish for the holiday season.  On arriving home after the holiday trip, my wife and I just happened to get two nice big turkey thighs to make for dinner.  I was surprised how inexpensive the ingredient was:  $.49/lb@Whole Foods […]

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A few notes on making nigiri

Previously, on – * I was recently asked about wetting the hands for making nigiri. matsuhisa-sama mentions the water to vinegar ratio is 3:1 (Nobu West, p 196) . He admonishes that more than a light coating on the hands will prevent the shari from properly sticking together.  Interestingly, Shizuo Tsuji (Japanese Cooking: […]

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Revisiting an old family grilled marinated chicken recipe

…long long ago, in another lifetime far far away… As I was growing my family, my uncle and aunt would periodically go up to Bear Mountain/Harriman State Park for an outing and we would do a BBQ at a picnic  site (Kanawauke?) where the parking lot led straight up to the site with a creek/brook […]


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Making mini taco shells from scratch

One of the projects that I’ve been intrigued about since its appearance was the Matsuhisa/Nobu mini tacos.  While it’s pretty obvious how to fill them based on the Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook (pgs 86, 87, 165),  what I really needed to do was to figure out how to make the fried(baked?) mini taco shells formed from […]

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Making nigiri: an appreciation

Previously, on – * It’s been a crazy August, what with moving into new quarters (packing, moving, unpacking) and also looking for new employment at the same time. So during the course of my food adventures, I’ve learned how to make sushi vinegar, how much of it to use with rice that keeps […]

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