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Buckwheat (Soba) Pancakes And Blueberry Yuzu Compote, Nobu-Style

Previously, on – * So I wanted to try to make another breakfast item from the Nobu Hotel menu.  On the menu is Blueberry And Yuzu Soba Pancakes With  Blueberry Yuzu Compote, Yuzu Whipped Cream, Pecan Miso Butter, Maple Syrup. A picture of the item can be seen on p. 6 of the […]

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating: A first look at Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook

Previously, on – * * * * * * After getting Nobu’s new cookbook, I was feeling a little bit ambitious. As part of dinner this past Tues night, I thought I’d try and making  his Onion ‘Steak’ With Balsamic Teriyaki Sauce as an appetizer (less the roasted […]

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Ingredient Alert

HMart Fort Lee now has Eden Foods Raw, hulled buckwheat groats (as used in Nobu Soba Risotto) (see url –

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Nobu Soba/Buckwheat ‘Risotto’

As Joel Robuchon said, “…to me a successful dish is taking something simple and making it exceptional” I was introduced to this dish during a meal in the omakase room at Matsuhisa.  The ingredients could have simply been cooked in soy enhanced dashi, may be with the addition of mushrooms.  But in this case, Matsuhisa […]

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