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On the importance of bone stocks

Previously, on – * * …You can’t have a good sauce if you start with a bad stock. Too many take stocks for granted…Every step of the way, you remove impurities. Everything follows from this.                                                       […]

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These are a few of my favorite things…

So my wife and I were thinking about what we have on ‘heavy rotation’ for dinner items, and this is what we had decided that we make with some regularity (in no particular order) – * Crisp Roasted Boned Chicken Thigh, sauteed baby kale, onion chicken jus * Red Braised Pork On Morimoto Congee * […]

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Thinking about watercress

Previously, on – * * * I recently caught an on-demand viewing of Iron Chef Gauntlet.  In the cook-off portion of the episode, one of the items presented was spanish mackerel with parsley/tarragon puree.  This made me run to my copy of The Flavor Bible.  Upon inspection, parsley wasn’t the only […]

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