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I recently caught an on-demand viewing of Iron Chef Gauntlet.  In the cook-off portion of the episode, one of the items presented was spanish mackerel with parsley/tarragon puree.  This made me run to my copy of The Flavor Bible.  Upon inspection, parsley wasn’t the only match; but watercress was a match for fish as well.  As I looked back at other dishes I’d done with seafood, it appeared that ‘rich’ seafoods such as scallop, lobster, salmon matched well.  So I could only imagine that mackerel(s), yellowtail (‘buri’) and perhaps even toro would also be a match.

So, for a Boston Marathon day dinner, I decided to try pairing simply broiled mackerel fillets with Nobu’s

Grilled/Broiled Mackerel WIih Nobu Watercress Dressing

watercress dressing.  The dish clearly had plenty of color and flavors were a wonderful contrasting match.  Perhaps this might be a seafood course for the holiday meal……


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