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Nobu Miami Marinated Grilled Short Ribs

I’d been meaning to try a recipe from Nobu Miami: The Party Cookbook – Marinated grilled short ribs (p. 144) but just hadn’t gotten around to it since I got the book.  Summer’s here and I started thinking BBQ, grilling…oh wait, is that  a guy thing? The online recipe and a ‘sort of’ video of […]

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Morimoto Sushi Rice Risotto (aka “shari-sotto”)

Previously, on – * * Back on 10 Oct 2007, I attended a Boston University demonstration/lecture by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto.  At the end of the lecture and before the tastings, I asked Iron Chef Morimoto about his ‘shari-sotto’ from his cookbook.  I confirmed it was the same dish that he created […]

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