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Matsuhisa King Crab With Sanbaizu

Previously, on – * (15 Dec 2006) “…King crab legs are usually sold, already cooked…” -Nobu West, p. 157, Matsuhisa So my wife and I were talking about purchasing some king crab legs. As I understand it, these crab legs are usually parboiled. I thought “Great – may be I can reheat the […]

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Nobu ‘Bagels And Lox’

Previously, on – * Continuing in the vein of breakfast,  I was intrigued by Nobu’s approach to ‘bagels and lox’ – a dish described here on p.4 of the pdf: Click to access NOBU-Dining-Upscale-In-Room%20Dining-1.pdf As I understand it, the crispy sushi rice is covered in everything mix, given a schmear of tofu crema […]

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