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Ingredient Alert: Tilefish (Amadai)

Previously, on – * …Third, I included at least one dish that a layman could prepare. I wanted the viewers to think, “I can prepare that too.“…  -Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba I recently got inspired to cook tilefish and wanted to make tilefish rice (like the one prepared by Iron Chef Michiba [less […]

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…Jackson took a short drink, then turned his head, said, “ahhhgggg, it is so sweet. Too much sugar. Always the problem with my esposita’s–(lemonade)…” –Gods And Generals After a long day, sometimes I just want something bright, cold and refreshing.  I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve gotten a commercial lemonade, lemon/lime soda […]


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Burger Wars: The Sauce

Previously, on * So for Superbowl Sunday, my wife and I thought we’d do burgers for dinner.  And in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, I thought I’d make a little competition of it.  Back in 2011, there was something of a taste test between some popular burgers (see ).  Shake […]

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