…Jackson took a short drink, then turned his head, said, “ahhhgggg, it is so sweet. Too much sugar. Always the problem with my esposita’s–(lemonade)…” Gods And Generals

After a long day, sometimes I just want something bright, cold and refreshing.  I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve gotten a commercial lemonade, lemon/lime soda or an Arnold Palmer only to find out it was way too sweet for my liking.  So after much experimentation, I think I finally came up with a mix I like.  Since I didn’t have lemons/lemon juice at home; but I did have yuzu juice.  So I decided to mix up:

1 1/2 teaspoons of sugar
1 tablespoon yuzu juice
7 oz+1 tablespoon of water

So I mixed sugar with a few tablespoons of boiling water to get it to dissolve and then blended in the rest of the water (cold) and the yuzu juice.  The resulting mixture I poured into a glass full of ice.  The drink was

A nice cold yuzu-ade

A nice cold yuzu-ade

nice and tart with just that hint of sweetness.  That seemed to do the trick . I bet this mix would make a good soda too….


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