Morimoto Castella/Kasutera

Previously, on – * Recently, my wife started reminiscing about an offering from Iron Chef Morimoto’s NYC restaurant.  That item, from the omakase menu was the castella that was served during the nigiri course.   As it turns out, it’s also offered on the nigiri portion of the dinner menu at the restaurant.  After […]

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Nobu Style Oven Roasted Portobello/Shiitake/Himematsutake

So for this past Tuesday, my wife and I were trying to come up with a quick simple dinner. We settled on flaked salmon fried rice with spinach and corn.  Yet, there was something lacking.  After some thought, we scoured Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook and decided on his Oven-Roasted Portobello With Wasabi Salsa (p. 84).  Unfortunately, […]

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A note on salt and soy sauce salinity ‘equivalence’

My wife recently asked the question, “if I just wanted salt instead of soy sauce in the recent ‘Steamed’ Clams With Ginger And Garlic, how much salt would you have to use?”.   It seemed to me that was more of a question of salinity.  Looking up some information on the web suggested 1/4 t of […]

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Nobu West Steamed Clams With Ginger And Garlic

My wife loves clams My wife loves pasta My wife loves vongole So this past weekend my wife and I were thinking about what to make for a weekend supper and she wondered aloud if we could make a kind of vongole.   Nobu West had a dish that claimed that “you can use this method […]

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Putting Lakanto to work

So, this weekend I wanted to try out the new Lakanto 1:1 sweetener to work. First up was making sushi vinegar and to try it out on making a bara chirashi. The sushi vinegar recipe I used was from Nobu: The Sushi Book, p. 12. The recipe called for combining: 2/3 cup of red rice […]

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The Lakanto monkfruit sweetener is here!

Time to try it out on sushi vinegar and Nobu’s Saikyo-style miso!


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Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener

Recently, I came across a surprise comment from Matsuhisa-sama regarding his use of sugar:   : Nobu Matsuhisa: Sushi rice is — make the steamed rice, put the rice vinegars, and the salt, and … used to be I use the sugar, but we don’t use the sugars anymore…Most sushi rice uses sugar, rice vinegar, […]

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