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Nobu Engagement Anniversary Dinner At Home

May 24 2008 was the date my wife and I got engaged at Matsuhisa, LA. I had talked with Matsuhisa-sama during my visit to Matsuhisa the prior December about doing an surprise engagement dinner for my now wife.  We were seated at a corner table on the wall opposite the sushi bar ( – […]

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Matsuhisa, LA

1. Omakase no tetsujin (23 Dec 2004) Crisp Snow Crab Roll Tabbouleh Salsa ‘Tapas’ Ankimo with Mustard Su Miso Sauce, Lobster Ceviche With Spicy Lemon Dressing, New Style Sashimi, Octopus Tiradito Crisp Filo Oyster Tsume Sauce Sashimi Salad Yuzu Dressing Kobe Beef Red Miso Aji Panca Sauce, Roasted Anaheim Pepper Sushi Plate Lobster Miso Soup […]

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Reproducing Michiba’s Miso Cheese Stew (Pt. I)

Ever since I saw the Iron Chef Japan retrospective “The Legend Of Michiba”, I was intrigued by his offering of mascarpone miso nabe which was also featured in Iron Chef: The Official Book (pgs 96,100). Interestingly, Iron Chef Michiba has a website which has a page ( ) that briefly discusses combining cheese and […]

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