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Kanpachi/Kampachi Tiradito Nobu Style

Previously, on – * (3 Oct 2009 omakase) This past Sunday, Wegman’s opened a supermarket in Chestnut Hill and their sushi/sashimi offering area was providing kanpachi/kampachi – in blocks – much to my surprise.  Ok, so it was $40/lb, but the first thing that came to mind was “kanpachi tobanyaki”.   And then my […]

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Buckwheat (Soba) Pancakes And Blueberry Yuzu Compote, Nobu-Style

Previously, on – * So I wanted to try to make another breakfast item from the Nobu Hotel menu.  On the menu is Blueberry And Yuzu Soba Pancakes With  Blueberry Yuzu Compote, Yuzu Whipped Cream, Pecan Miso Butter, Maple Syrup. A picture of the item can be seen on p. 6 of the […]

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Ingredient Alert: Black Cod

Previously, on – * Wellesley Whole Foods is now carrying Black Cod!

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Eggplant Steak, Nobu Tokyo Style

Previously, on – * * So I was thinking about what to make for dinner tonight.  An easy item immediately came to mind – Morimoto’s Red Snapper and Rice.  But then what would I do for a vegetable side for dinner?  I looked about the web and found: and under the […]

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Scrambled Eggs (aka les oeufs brouillés)

I do decent fried eggs/omlettes, but every now and then I want scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Not the solid mass of stuff you get at hotel breakfast buffets, but the real soft, slighty wet creamy scramble that can be absorbed by some nice toast… I’ve tried making it over the years with inconsistent results.  So […]

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Gordon Ramsay’s Shallot Red Wine Sauce

Previously, on – * So, I was thinking about the wellingtons I’d recently done and how I might go about improving the dish with a sauce.  A good friend of mine recently told me that Chef Ramsay had been serving the wellingtons with a dark (red wine?) sauce on episodes of Hell’s Kitchen.  […]

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