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Octopus Tiradito Nobu Style With Soy Salt

Previously, on – * So I thought I would do a quick appetizer to go with a SRF Kobe Rib Eye with Balsamic Teriyaki Sauce for Saturday night dinner. The sushi/sashimi area at Wegman’s  Chestnut Hill was offering octopus, ready for sushi/sashimi. So I thought, “great, let’s try octopus tiradito with soy salt”.  […]

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Kanpachi/Kampachi Tiradito Nobu Style

Previously, on – * (3 Oct 2009 omakase) This past Sunday, Wegman’s opened a supermarket in Chestnut Hill and their sushi/sashimi offering area was providing kanpachi/kampachi – in blocks – much to my surprise.  Ok, so it was $40/lb, but the first thing that came to mind was “kanpachi tobanyaki”.   And then my […]

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