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Kanpachi/Kampachi Tiradito Nobu Style

Previously, on – * (3 Oct 2009 omakase) This past Sunday, Wegman’s opened a supermarket in Chestnut Hill and their sushi/sashimi offering area was providing kanpachi/kampachi – in blocks – much to my surprise.  Ok, so it was $40/lb, but the first thing that came to mind was “kanpachi tobanyaki”.   And then my […]

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Nobu’s Arroz Con Pollo and Edamame With Salt And Truffle Oil

Previously, on – * * As I’d mentioned in the writeup about the arroz con frutas de mar, I wanted to try and make Nobu’s Arroz Con Pollo (from Nobu Now, p. 218). But to begin the meal,  I thought I’d try and execute an appetizer from Nobu Perth (since it seemed […]

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Baby Spinach Salad With Dried Miso And Arroz Con Frutas De Mar

So I though I’d try new dishes Tuesday night (11 April).  The two dishes I decided to go with was the spinach salad with dried miso (Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook) as a starter and the Arroz Con Frutas De Mar (aka Arroz Con Mariscos).  The spinach salad’s been around for awhile, but I liked the vegetarian […]

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