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Iron Chef Chen Fried Rice

Previously, on * * * Over the years, I’ve eaten my fair share of fried rice when I’ve gone out to a chinese restaurant for dinner.  While my wife was away helping her mother, I decided to revisit my food memories to see if I could learn to make a better […]

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Ingredient Alert: Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener Is Available Retail

Star Market Auburndale, MA is currently stocking Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener and mentioned that this will be a regular item.


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Nobu Toro And Wasabi Pepper Sauce

Previously, on – * * * ..My toro steak…is equally delightful with my versatile Wasabi Pepper Sauce…especially when served with plain short grained rice. – Nobu: The Cookbook, p 96 It’s a little bit funny about the toro dishes I’ve made over the last several years and not having tried the […]

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Potato Wrapped Shrimp, Iron Chef Sakai-Style

Previously, on – * (Kataifi Wrapped Langoustine) * * In 2004, the season finale of Iron Chef America//Battle Of The Masters featured a dish from Iron Chef Sakai which was potato  wrapped langoustines with pan grilled green onion and sauce americaine ( ).  Nine years later I would see another […]

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