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Potato Wrapped Shrimp, Iron Chef Sakai-Style

Previously, on – * (Kataifi Wrapped Langoustine) * * In 2004, the season finale of Iron Chef America//Battle Of The Masters featured a dish from Iron Chef Sakai which was potato  wrapped langoustines with pan grilled green onion and sauce americaine ( ).  Nine years later I would see another […]

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Iron Chef Sakai’s King Of Iron Chefs Lobster Steamed With Wakame/Seaweed

Since the finale of the original Iron Chef series, I’ve been meaning to try and make this dish.  I really wanted to taste the dish that was considered one of the ten best dishes from Iron Chef: The Official Book (p 48,49), especially given the comments of the judges.  Was it really that good? Time […]

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Christmas Omakase At Home 2016

Previously, on * * * * * * * So at long last, my last major dinner of the year was here.  And what a whirlwind of preparation it was to get there.  I started making the cones a couple of days before the dinner and wiped […]

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Monkfish With Iron Chef Sakai Tomato Oil Sauce

During the planning for my Christmas meal, I was wondering what to do about a seafood course.  At one point I had considered lobster.  But given the time constraints of what I had in mind, I went from lobster with sauce americaine, to Iron Chef Sakai’s Seaweed Steamed Lobster to his Seaweed Steamed Snapper With […]

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Thought Of The Day

Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai wanted to become a chef so that he would never go hungry.


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