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Christmas Dinner 2018

Previously, on – * Understanding that I wouldn’t be able to prepare my normal multicourse holiday dinner this year, I though about what to make for Christmas dinner.  I recently came across a menu item from Chef Thomas Keller – Braised Beef Short Rib “Wellington” reported by: I thought about this a little […]

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Nobu Toro And Wasabi Pepper Sauce

Previously, on – * * * ..My toro steak…is equally delightful with my versatile Wasabi Pepper Sauce…especially when served with plain short grained rice. – Nobu: The Cookbook, p 96 It’s a little bit funny about the toro dishes I’ve made over the last several years and not having tried the […]

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On Cooking OToro/Toro

Previously, on – * * Recently, Food Network aired an episode of Chopped (“Cleaver Fever”) where the appetizer round featured tuna belly (was it otoro or toro?  It looked like otoro to me).   During the appetizer preparation, one of the cheftestants commented that cooking the tuna belly could risk turning it into  […]

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Toban yaki, Nobu Style

One of the dishes I have ‘fun’ doing is the toban yaki dish from Nobu’s restaurants.  I was first served the dish (with toro) at Matsuhisa, LA as part of my omakase meal on  28 Dec 2005.  At Nobu Dallas (as of this writing), they do a salmon toban yaki; At Nobu Capetown, they do […]

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