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Morimoto Scallop Congee

So my wife decided she wanted to make red braised pork shoulder/pork belly for dinner (and I knew we were going to have leftovers). I needed to think about what would go well with the red braised pork leftovers.  Well that something was going to be the Iron Chef Morimoto’s Scallop Congee (Morimoto: The New […]

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Nobu Hakuni-Style Simmered Anago/Sawara

In continuing my exploration of simmered/poached seafood, I thought about Hakuni-style Simmered Anago from Nobu: The Sushi Cookbook (p.89). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on anago, so I looked up the closest substitute for it.  A close substitute was suggested from  the Sarafina Center@ The Sarafina Center commented: (Freshwater Eel)…Try Spanish Mackerel or American […]

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Michiba’s ‘Buddha Style’ Yellowtail and Daikon Nimono

With the recent unpredictable weather, I wanted to do something warm and comforting.  Only problem was, I hadn’t had a lot of time recently given the couple of surprises at work.  I’d been eyeing Iron Chef Michiba’s offering on Simply Ming which caused me to raise an eyebrow. Japanese yellowtail (Buri) daikon stew I could […]

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