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Morimoto Scallop Congee

So my wife decided she wanted to make red braised pork shoulder/pork belly for dinner (and I knew we were going to have leftovers). I needed to think about what would go well with the red braised pork leftovers.  Well that something was going to be the Iron Chef Morimoto’s Scallop Congee (Morimoto: The New […]

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Iron Chef Morimoto’s Angry Chicken

Recently, things had been really hard at work trying to get a product out the door.  That meant I really hadn’t had any time to do much creatively in the kitchen.  So I decided to get adventurous and tried Iron Chef Morimoto’s Angry Chicken.  While the recipe can be found on pgs 138,139 of Morimoto: […]

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Q: What to do with leftover mashed potatoes? A: Morimoto Mashed Potato Soup!

So, I’d gone out to eat the other day; by the end of the meal, I discovered I really hadn’t gotten around to my side of  mashed potatoes because I’d had a bit too much bread (“Don’t fill up on bread!“) during the meal.  So what to do with the leftover mashed potatoes I’d brought […]

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Oscar Night: Flatiron Steak With Morimoto Sesame Sauce

Previously on – * “Omakase For 4 12/23/11 (Ariki Omae)…’Kobe Beef, Tokyo Negi yaki, maitake, broccoli rabe, sesame sauce, matsutake foam, menegi” What to make for dinner on Oscar night? I was flipping through Morimoto: The New Art Of Japanese Cooking the other night when I noticed the sesame sauce recipe in the […]

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