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Making nigiri: an appreciation

Previously, on – * It’s been a crazy August, what with moving into new quarters (packing, moving, unpacking) and also looking for new employment at the same time. So during the course of my food adventures, I’ve learned how to make sushi vinegar, how much of it to use with rice that keeps […]

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Nobu Hakuni-Style Simmered Anago/Sawara

In continuing my exploration of simmered/poached seafood, I thought about Hakuni-style Simmered Anago from Nobu: The Sushi Cookbook (p.89). Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on anago, so I looked up the closest substitute for it.¬† A close substitute was suggested from¬† the Sarafina Center@ The Sarafina Center commented: (Freshwater Eel)…Try Spanish Mackerel or American […]

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