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Ron Siegel’s Lobster Soup With Black Truffles And Sauteed Scallops For Two

Previously, on – * So, as I mentioned in my lobster stock write up, I wanted to make Chef Ron Siegel’s lobster  soup from his Iron Chef battle with Hiroyuki Sakai.  The recipe for the soup was scaled for the Iron Chef judges, and so I had to halve the amount to make […]

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Spinach Ohitashi (aka Horenso no Ohitashi), Nobu Style

…I don’t expect you to follow the recipes to the letter. I’d be happier just knowing they give you new ideas and brighten your day-to-day cooking… -Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook, p. 9. So there was some remaining fresh spinach in my refridgerator crisper.  What to do?  So, I went through my copy of Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook […]

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Making Thomas Keller’s Lobster Stock

Previously, on – * So my wife was doing a girl’s weekend in NYC for the Mayday show, so I thought this would be a good time to work on something new.  Recently, it’s been really hard to get Bar Harbor lobster stock here in the Boston area. This meant it was time […]

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Thought Of The Day

Iron Chef French Hiroyuki Sakai wanted to become a chef so that he would never go hungry.


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