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A quick dessert

Previously, on * I had some leftover mascarpone from the Nobu mascarpone miso experience.My wife said that we also had some leftover raspberries and diced pineapple.  I also noticed I had a few commercial graham cracker tart crusts.  That said to me ‘dessert’.  It suddenly occurred to me that I could do a […]

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Sauce Soubise, Keller-Style

I recently came across a French Laundry course item from the 11 Nov 2018 menu.  That menu had an offering of Sauteed Sea Trout, Vidalia Onion Potato Relish, potato puree and ‘Sauce Soubise’.   It inspired me to consider making Chef Keller’s Sauce Soubise to pair with roasted arctic char.   But where to find the sauce […]

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On the importance of bone stocks

Previously, on – * * …You can’t have a good sauce if you start with a bad stock. Too many take stocks for granted…Every step of the way, you remove impurities. Everything follows from this.                                                       […]

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Planning Christmas Menu 2017

It’s been a whirlwind two months since I started  at my new job.  So unlike previous years where I’ve had a bit more time to prepare the Christmas meal, I’ve had to take a more realistic view of what I could accomplish…. • Nobashi ebiyaki ‘cocktail’         endive, spicy lemon dressing • Siegel tomato ‘sashimi’ […]

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Iron Chef Sakai’s King Of Iron Chefs Lobster Steamed With Wakame/Seaweed

Since the finale of the original Iron Chef series, I’ve been meaning to try and make this dish.  I really wanted to taste the dish that was considered one of the ten best dishes from Iron Chef: The Official Book (p 48,49), especially given the comments of the judges.  Was it really that good? Time […]

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Christmas Omakase At Home 2016

Previously, on * * * * * * * So at long last, my last major dinner of the year was here.  And what a whirlwind of preparation it was to get there.  I started making the cones a couple of days before the dinner and wiped […]

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Roasted Carrot Salad With Curry Aigre-Doux

While trying to find inspiration for my Christmas meal ‘salad course’, I came across a dish listing at – and in particular, it was the salad dish described as:  Sweet Carrot Salad, Young Onions, Candied Walnuts and Pea Tendrils with Madras Curry “Aigre-Doux”. So I thought, why couldn’t I make a simple melange of […]

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