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Moro Miso Yakitori, Nobu Melbourne Style

Previously, on – * * As much as I linked Chef Tsai’s Miso Citrus Marinated Chicken, I wanted something a bit more savory and less sweet.  Nobu Melbourne has had an intriguing item  at: which  listed a menu item: Whole Poussin with Moro Miso.  A picture of the dish can be […]

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Reproducing Iron Chef Morimoto’s Natto Dessert

Previously, on – * …many years ago, my friend John and I had dinner over at the old Ginza in Brookline, MA (now the site of Gyu-Kaku Boston).   During that dinner, my friend John  made an order for (…drumroll…) NATTO.  Unfortunately the natto, at that time, didn’t go over with him…(fast forward to […]

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Ingredient Alert: Black Burgandy Truffles, Jamon Iberico

Previously, on – * (mushroom soup with truffle and jabugo) Wegmans Chestnut Hill is currently stocking Black Burgandy Truffles and Jamon Iberico

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Domyojiko Mochi With Red Bean Filling

Previously, on – * So I was thinking about trying to make Iron Chef Morimoto’s Natto dessert. Yes, NATTO DESSERT. But first, I had to learn how to make domyoji-ko mochi. A thank you to Abbie-chan@Ebisuya in Medford for helping me out to source the domyoji-ko. So to do that, I thought I’d […]

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Yet Another Sample Weekly Menu

So here’s another sample menu of what my wife and I planned/prepared for the week of 25 May 2014! Su Red braised pork belly garlic sautee of shanghai greens and himejitake (‘princess mushroom’) garlic sautee of yu tsai Mo SRF Kobe ribeye Shallot Rhone Reduction, Baked Potato, Roasted Carrots,  Roasted Button Mushroom, Blanched  Broccolini Tu […]

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