Nobu Weekend Dinner At Home

Work during the last full week of Feburary had been rather difficult; as a result I had a hard time coming up with good ideas for a light and satisfying weekend dinner at home for my wife and I.  So I decided it might be nice to have a soup and a main course.  For the soup, I chose Mushroom Soup With Prosciutto And White Truffle Oil and for the entree I decided on doing a Crisp Skin Spanish Mackerel With Vegetable Salsa for Saturday night.

For the Mushroom Soup With Prosciutto And White Truffle Oil –

The dish was based on the Nobu West recipe found here:

Since I couldn’t get the Jabugo ham, I substituted in prosciutto.  I’d made this dish before and discovered that my wife and I found it a little on the salty side, so I reduced the light soy/salt by halving the amount of light soy and dropping the salt altogether.  Since I was just making the soup for just my wife and I, I assembled –

14 oz dashi
2 T sake
1 T light soy

measured out dashi

sake and soy for the broth

For this dish, I used a package of mixed mushrooms from whole foods – a 4 oz package, of which I used half (1 oz each for myself and my wife). I then rolled a slice of prosciutto length-wise and made a ‘chiffonade’ of it.

Mixed Mushrooms from Whole Foods

Prepping the prosciutto

rolling the prosciutto for 'chiffonade' cuts

Since I don’t have dobinmushi kettles, I used two 6oz chawanmushi cups. I then changed the recipe by placing the strips of the ham at the bottom of the chawanmushi cups, followed by the mixed mushrooms, 5 oz of broth each.

'Chiffonade' of prosciutto at the bottom of the chawanmushi cups

Cups loaded with mushrooms and sake/soy seasoned broth

I then steamed the covered chawanushi cups on high heat for about 15 minutes and then added a few drops of white truffle oil (since I couldn’t get the actual white truffles) at the end.

...and into the steamer we go!

finishing white truffle oil

...adding a touch of white truffle oil...

Mushroom Soup With Truffle And Ham from Nobu West

For the Crisp Skin Spanish Mackerel With Vegetable Salsa –

This dish was inspired as an amalgam of Nobu Now‘s Baby Scallop Skewers With Vegetable Salsa (Nobu Now, p, 45) and Mackerel Shioyaki And Vegetable Salad (Nobu West, p. 180)

When I looked at the amount of prepared vegetables for the salsa, I noticed how similar the recipe was to the Tabbouleh Salsa from Nobu: The Cookbook (the recipe can be found online here: ).  So basically the recipe was equal parts red onion, cucumber and two parts diced tomatoes and significantly less parsley. The salsa ‘dressing’ was almost the same except it used 1/4 less garlic, 6 times the lemon juice, 2 times the yuzu juice and 1 teaspoon less of the olive oil. I assembled the salsa ‘dressing’ in the following order (since I found this to be the most efficient way as far as the use of spoons) –

3/4 teaspoon (1/2 t+1/4 t) 4:1 salt/pepper mix
aji amarillo
grated garlic
lemon juice
yuzu juice
extra virgin olive oil

Salsa Dressing Ingredients

extra virgin olive oil for the salsa dressing

For the vegetable portion of the salsa –

Salsa (vegetable portion)

3 1/2 oz (by weight) finely diced red onion
2 persian cucumbers, finely diced
1 largish tomato, ‘finely’ diced
4 springs of parsley, take leaves only, finely minced


Red onion to be diced

Cucumber to be diced

Diced tomato...

Combine the vegetables and salsa dressing (hold the parsley until just before plating) and set aside.

Addng the salsa dressing

I prepped the mackerel fillets by drying the skin side, seasoning them with salt/pepper mix and seared them with rice oil in a hot pan, about 5 minutes on the skin side and a minute or so on the other side.

Seasoned fresh spanish mackerel fillets

The rice oil I normally use...

...finishing the vegetable salsa

I then mixed in the parsley (gently), plated the salsa and placed the spanish mackerel on top.

Crisp Skin Spanish Mackerel And Nobu Vegetable Salsa


Chawanmushi Cups         Utsuwa-No-Yakata, Edgewater, NJ (next to Mitsuwa)
Aji Amarillo/Panca         La Chapincita Market, Waltham, MA

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