Nobu Chilean Seabass With Jalapeno Moro Miso

While I’ve had black cod miso at various restaurants over the years (by the way, I think Haru Boston@Prudential Center makes the best miso black cod in Boston), I was curious about the recipe I’d looked over the recipe for Chilean Seabass With Jalapeno Moro Miso in Nobu: The Cookbook a few times (since getting the book back in 2004). I then was served this item on 16 June 2007 as part of an omakase meal@Matsuhisa, LA. Once I had it, I was hooked.

Here’s the link to the online recipe –

I started going to the former Japanese grocery market “Kotobukiya’ to get the moromi miso to make this dish. Unfortunately, Kotobukiya closed  11 May 2009.  Fortunately with the opening of H-Mart Burlington 4 months later, I was able to resupply myself with the moromi miso (by the way, it’s been reported that Kotobukiya as re-opened as ‘Ebisuya’ in Medford, MA – I don’t know if they still carry the moromi miso).  I’ve made the  Chilean Seabass With Jalapeno Moro Miso out of Nobu: The Cookbook since that omakase dinner at Matsuhisa a few times and its become a standby for my family.  I’ve made it for my parents as well.  Over the years, my father tended to get versions of the miso black cod when we’ve gone out to dinner; I’ve also made the Nobu Miso Black Cod for him out of Nobu: The Cookbook for him (substituting honey for sugar – see my earlier post).  I served this dish to him about two years ago and got him hooked on the moromi miso as well.  Now when I go to visit my parents, I get requests to make this dish when I’m staying with them.

Here’s a picture of the moromi miso product I’ve been using –

What the moromi miso package looks like…

English Labelling For Moromi Miso

Interestingly, the labelling on the package also says “KINZANJI” – which is the same miso mentioned in Nobu Miami: The Party Cookbook, in reference to the recipe for the baked eggplant with kinzanji miso appetizer.

Chilean seabass marinating in 2 packages of moromi miso & 1 finely minced jalapeno

For two people, I got 2 ~6 oz chilean seabass fillets, minced up one (very hot) jalapeno (seeds and all) and two 4.5 oz packages of moromi miso and marinated it for about 2 days.  When I went to cook it for Thursday night, two days later,  I used a madoline to slice up four persian cucumbers (for plating); wiped the marinade off the fish and then broiled the fillets (skin side

Plated mandolined cucumbers

down first) and then baked the fish at 400 F for about 12 minutes.   I’m not sure, but it seems the cooking process and or the miso mitigated the heat of the jalapeno, although I could definitely tell the jalapeno was there.  It tasted very much like what I was served at Matsuhisa during my omakase meal.

Finished Chilean Seabass With Jalapeno Moromi Miso


Maruman Morokyu Kinzanji Moromi Miso – HMart, Burlington, MA

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