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Nobu 57, NYC

Omakase (24 Nov 2015) Edamame Choclo/Cancha Dry miso, black salt,kuro shichimi, lemon Vegetable Temaki Butter lettuce, shiso, shredded carrot, shredded cucumber, sprouts, avocado, sesame miso Toro Sashimi, Hagashi Cut Tamari truffle, wasabi salsa, gold leaf, osetra, radish slice Nigiri Spicy tuna/crispy rice and osetra, chutoro, shima aji, unagi, komomo on radish slice ‘Tapas’ * Seared […]


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A Couple Of Passing Cooking Thoughts

Previously, on – * I finally understood why japanese cuisine occasionally blanches some of their seafood before adding it to a stew.   The other day, when I was doing shabu shabu and I added raw squid tentacles to the broth, it discolored the shabu shabu broth. A little later, when I […]

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