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A take on cod

Previously, on – * So I was trying to figure out what to do with another fillet of cod from the market.  Looking through The New Legal Seafoods Cookbook, I noticed two cod recipes Baked Cod Parmesan (p. 101) and Cod With Olive Topping (p. 104). It then occurred to me that both […]

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Technical note on sauteeing halibut

Over the years, I’ve shied away from cooking certain fish, mostly because of the concern of overcooking them (what else is new?).  Recently, my wife came back from the food shopping with a nice fillet of halibut.  Halibut is a very muscular and quite lean fish that needs to be cooked carefully else, when overcooked, […]

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A first day of autumn dinner menu

Previously, on * * * So my wife asked if I could do a cod dinner for the first day of autumn.  Thinking about the dinner, I came across a picture at Nobu Tokyo via Tripadvisor that showed a dish of cod, brussel sprouts and soy salt.  And that made me […]

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Eric Ripert’s Soy Ginger Vinaigrette

So tonight (1 May 2017), my wife wanted crisp pan fried red snapper fillets, but how to dress the dish.  Well, she said she was going to do a garlic sautee of red bell peppers, onions and shiitake mushrooms.  So I looked around and decided to try Chef Ripert’s Soy Ginger Vinaigrette (found at:  […]

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Baked White Fish With Lemon Confit Miso And Mushroom Consomme, Ripert Style

Previously, on – * * * So I finally figured out how to do the Top Chef season 5 dish from Chef Eric Ripert.  I realized I needed to prepare the components for the lemon confit miso, mushroom consomme and the court bouillon used to cook the fish. Realizing the first […]

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Eric Ripert’s Lemon Confit

Previously, on – * * So I thought I would take another crack at remaking Chef Ripert’s dish of Poached White Fish With Lemon Confit Miso And Mushroom Consomme.  But to do that, I first needed to learn how to make his lemon confit. For Chef Ripert’s lemon confit, I found his […]


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A Couple Of Passing Cooking Thoughts

Previously, on – * I finally understood why japanese cuisine occasionally blanches some of their seafood before adding it to a stew.   The other day, when I was doing shabu shabu and I added raw squid tentacles to the broth, it discolored the shabu shabu broth. A little later, when I […]

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