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Revisiting an old family grilled marinated chicken recipe

…long long ago, in another lifetime far far away… As I was growing my family, my uncle and aunt would periodically go up to Bear Mountain/Harriman State Park for an outing and we would do a BBQ at a picnic  site (Kanawauke?) where the parking lot led straight up to the site with a creek/brook […]


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Vegan Tacos, Nobu Style

Previously, on – * A number of years ago, I saw the Nobu/Matsuhisa restaurants add tacos (!?!?) to the menu….and then Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook suggested a vegan approach to the taco’s (Ten Tacos, p 86, 87) in 2011. So now I wanted to take a crack at making the tacos, with an eye […]

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Making mini taco shells from scratch

One of the projects that I’ve been intrigued about since its appearance was the Matsuhisa/Nobu mini tacos.  While it’s pretty obvious how to fill them based on the Nobu’s Vegetarian Cookbook (pgs 86, 87, 165),  what I really needed to do was to figure out how to make the fried(baked?) mini taco shells formed from […]

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