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Miso Marinated Cream Cheese

Previously, on – * * * Ingredients do not recognize national boundaries -Iron Chef Michiba So I’ve begun planning for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Oh my.  The first thing I thought I would do is the opening appetizer course.  Being inspired by Iron Chef Michiba’s grilled cheese aged in miso and […]

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Inspired by an Iron Chef Dish

Previously, on – * * …Fried papaya wrapped with yuba is used as the skin of Peking ducks are used, and sandwiched between toasted bread spread with sweet miso and leeks.  –Iron Chef: The Official Book (p. 162, Battle 174:Papaya, Wakiya v Chen) …Tian Mian Jiang is made from fermented wheat flour […]

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A Summer Week’s Menu

Su (28 Jun) Lamb Ribchops With Morimoto Ginger Scallion Sauce Stirfried Eggplant And Garlic Garlic Stirfried Romaine Hearts Mo (29 Jun) Nobu Mackerel Kabayaki Don Blanched Broccoli Garlic Stirfried Longroot Spinach Tu (30 Jun) Morimoto Snapper Rice Roasted Asparagus Scallion Fried Beansprouts We (1 Jul) Kanpachi Tobanyaki corn, baby zucchini, baby carrots, shiitake, butter […]

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Applying what I’ve learned

Previously, on – * So I was really hungry and I needed to make something for a late lunch.  Thinking quickly, I knew I had some warm rice in the rice cooker, Morimoto sushi vinegar, some cleaned romaine leaves, and some Spence & Co. Nova Lox.  That did it: I was going to […]

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