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Applying what I’ve learned

Previously, on – * So I was really hungry and I needed to make something for a late lunch.  Thinking quickly, I knew I had some warm rice in the rice cooker, Morimoto sushi vinegar, some cleaned romaine leaves, and some Spence & Co. Nova Lox.  That did it: I was going to […]

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Nobu Breakfast Donburi

Previously, on – * I had a fun time doing the breakfast tobanyaki last time out so I wanted to try to make another breakfast item from the Nobu Hotel menu.  This time around I thought it might be fun to try and make the breakfast donburi (scrambled/soft eggs with tomato, salmon, nori, […]

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A Saturday Evening Dinner

Previously, on – * * * A couple of days ago, my wife injured her ACL and was hobbling around. To cheer her up, I thought I make a nice dinner for a cold Saturday New England night.  I thought I’d make Nobu Mackerel Kabayaki Don, Roast Cauliflower Nobu-Style and cinnamon […]

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Kabayaki Mackerel Don

One of my favorite ‘fast’ Nobu dishes is the Kabayaki Sardine (iwashi) Don from Nobu Now (p. 218).  My own take on the dish is to replace the sardine with the saba/sawara.  Because I’m using larger pieces of fish, I tripled the amount of the seasoning specified in the recipe (3 tablespoons each of sake, […]

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