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So I was really hungry and I needed to make something for a late lunch.  Thinking quickly, I knew I had some warm rice in the rice cooker, Morimoto sushi vinegar, some cleaned romaine leaves, and some Spence & Co. Nova Lox.  That did it: I was going to make a sushi rice donburi with about 4oz of the nova lox  in little rollups with torn leaves of the romaine.  So I got out about a rice bowl’s worth of rice (about 8oz) and mixed in the sushi vinegar and let it sit for 10 minutes while I prepared some torn leaves of romaine to put around the edge of the donburi bowl.

After preparing the romaine,I reconstituted a teaspoon or so of wasabi powder and nearly an equal amount of water and set aside.  I then got out the  pieces of the nova lox and rolled up the slices and then split the rolls in half.  Those rolls would encircle the inner rim of the romaine atop the rice.

So into the serving bowl went the sushi rice, and around the outer rim when the torn romaine leaves. Covering the rest of the sushi rice around the inner rim of the romaine, I placed the rolls of nova lox.  To finish it all, I put the wasabi on the side of the bowl.

Nova Lox Donburi

Nova Lox Donburi

With a little sauce bowl of soy, I mixed in the wasabi and then proceeded to have a nice lunch.  I could dip the lox into the wasabi/soy – sort of like chirashi or wrap a little rice and lox into a romaine leaf and dip that into the wasabi soy to eat (think “ssam”).  It was a nice quick way to bridge the afternoon to dinner.  4th Of July dinner was going to be a sirloin with mixed grilled vegetables and Morimoto sesame sauce.

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