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A Week’s Menu

Su Bouchon/Adhoc Style Roast Chicken On Root Vegetables Mo Nobu Steak And Baked Eringi Mushrooms Haricots Vert Tu Mackerel Shioyaki Garlic Sauteed Cabbage Blanched Broccoli We Chilean Seabass With Nobu Genmai Salsa Th Shrimp, Nobu Hong Kong-Style Tamari sichuan soy,cubanelles, slivered scallions Fr Out to dinner Sa Ron Siegel Red Wine Braised Short Ribs Root […]

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Blue Ginger Lychee Cranberry Salsa

Sigh. So I had to go back the the drawing boards after trying out one of my dessert ideas with some family relatives. It turns out one of them has a ‘texture’ thing and didn’t like the Matsuhisa/Nobu Banana Chocolate Harumaki.  “The cooked banana was too soft for my tastes”.  So after doing more research, […]

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