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World Of Nobu: Seafood Brown Rice Paella, Matsuhisa LA

Previously, on * I was recently leafing through World Of Nobu when I noticed Yasuhiko Homma’s contribution of the paella to the book (p. 104).  Previously, I’d made a version of this dish from Nobu West.   What I found interesting was Chef Homma’s approach in preparing this dish.   Unlike the way that I […]

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World Of Nobu: Nobu Style Sobagaki, Nobu (NYC) Downtown/Nobu Tokyo

…Sobagaki, a dish developed at Nobu Tokyo, took over a year to perfect through this process…                                                                                […]

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World Of Nobu: Ribeye Umamiyaki With Scallion Sauce, Nobu Honolulu

Previously, on – * One of the things I liked about this dish when looking over the recipe is that it didn’t eplicitly require wagyu.  However, when I was at HMart Burlington, my wife noticed that HMart at SRF top blade steaks as well as ribeyes.  I originally was going to get the […]

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Thought Of The Day

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa on complex dishes: …I ask, “How long do you think it’ll take you to make an order of fifteen at a time?”…                                                              […]

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A quick dessert

Previously, on * I had some leftover mascarpone from the Nobu mascarpone miso experience.My wife said that we also had some leftover raspberries and diced pineapple.  I also noticed I had a few commercial graham cracker tart crusts.  That said to me ‘dessert’.  It suddenly occurred to me that I could do a […]

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