World Of Nobu: Ribeye Umamiyaki With Scallion Sauce, Nobu Honolulu

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One of the things I liked about this dish when looking over the recipe is that it didn’t eplicitly require wagyu.  However, when I was at HMart Burlington, my wife noticed that HMart at SRF top blade steaks as well as ribeyes.  I originally was going to get the steaks at Whole Foods, but this was a too good a convenient opportunity to pass up since my wife was fond of top blade cuts.

An observation about the vegetable umami marinade listed in World Of Nobu (p. 401) –

The marinade lists carrot, yellow onion and celery which immediately said to me: mirepox.  In fact, Food And Wine’s write up on the matter ( ) confirms the observation.  So I made a small batch of the vegetable marinade based on 4 oz of mirepoix added leek greens and whatever vegetable scraps I had and

SRF Washugyu (l to r: ribeye, top blade) and marinade

added the other necessary ingredients (chili flakes, dry miso, soy salt, konbu).  And then I got the steaks into the marinade for dinner

the next night.

For the scallion sauce, I was guided by Nobu West, p 136, 149

a scallion forward sauce (a little extra scallions)

So basically, the sauce was basically the flavoring components for New Style sashimi as applied to a cooked steak.

scallions finely minced

It seemed to me the idea was an application of  Kobe Beef New Style Sashimi (Nobu Now, p.82).

a little garlic for the sauce

Iron Chef Morimoto has a version of this in the form of his scallion ginger sauce, but not as highly seasoned. That sauce didn’t contain things like sesame oil,

grating the garlic to help it to better blend into the sauce

salt and chilis.

grating ginger for the sauce

vegetable base for the ‘new style sauce’ variant

Scallion Sauce (this appeared to be a variant of the New Style Sashimi ‘sauce’)
2 T grated ginger
2 cloves garlic minced (grated)
1 oz minced scallions (==1/2 bunch of chives)
3 T olive oil
1 T sesame oil
2 t lemon juice (this is based on the yuzu soy recipe from the New Style Sashimi recipe)
2 t soy sauce (this is based on the yuzu soy recipe from the New Style Sashimi recipe)
1 t rice vinegar
1/2 t chili garlic sauce
1/4 t salt

juice squeezing lemons

Seeing the listing of the lemon and soy further suggested the New Style sashimi flavor profile.

fresh lemon juice….

…just need 2 teaspoons

with 2 teaspoons of soy sauce matching yuzu soy for new style ‘sauce’

mixing up the 3:1 olive to sesame oils to sear the sauce vegetables

Heating the oils for searing

oil flashed sauce vegetables

adding in the citrus soy

seasoning the sauce with salt

spicing up things a bit

finishing the sauce with a touch of vinegar

a nice little rapini garnish

So my wife volunteered to blanch the rapini while I got the steaks out of the marinade.  As I got the steaks out of the marinade,

wiping the marinade from the steaks and into the 500 degree broiler they go

I wiped off the marinade off the steaks and got them onto a non-stick aluminum foiled broiler tray. I then broiled the steaks at 500 degrees for about 4 minutes a side. I got my steak out and cooked my wife’s portion a little bit longer for her preferred doneness.

Ribeye Umamiyaki, rapini, cherry tomatoes and scallion sauce

Once the steaks were done, I plated some ‘sprigs’ of rapini, 3 cherry tomatoes to accompany the steaks.  To each plate, I added several tablespoons of the scallion sauce.   As I cut into my ribeye, it was cooked to a perfect medium/medium-rare doneness.  As we both tasted the dish, my wife commented what a nice punch the scallion sauce had together with the marinated steaks.  We both enjoyed the dish.  I think if there was any change I would make, I would probably lower the 1/4 t salt to 1/8 t salt; and perhaps may be starting the steaks in a grill pan for the nice grill marks before moving them to the broiler.

Thank you Chef Raso and and Matsuhisa-sama for sharing this recipe to all of us!


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