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Planning Thanksgiving Menu 2017

Nobu Style Grilled Nobashi Shrimp Cocktail         Endive, Spicy Lemon Dressing Hamachi Usuzukuri        Yuzu kosho ponzu grated daikon, pink peppercorns Nobu Vegan Mini Tacos         Roasted Zucchini Cubes, Roasted Eggplant Cubes,         Grilled Tomato Salsa Sake Konbu Steamed Atlantic Cod         yuzu, olive oil, dry miso, baby bok choy Pan Roasted Duck Breast         […]

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Ingredient Alert: A5 Kobe/Wagyu

Wegmans Chestnut Hill is currently stocking A5 Japanese Kobe and mentioned that this will be a regular item. Ask for Toby – he will help you….

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Baked White Fish With Lemon Confit Miso And Mushroom Consomme, Ripert Style

Previously, on – * * * So I finally figured out how to do the Top Chef season 5 dish from Chef Eric Ripert.  I realized I needed to prepare the components for the lemon confit miso, mushroom consomme and the court bouillon used to cook the fish. Realizing the first […]

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Planning The Holiday Menu

Thanksgiving Dinner Appetizers * Edamame, truffle salt * ikura dashi jiru * yellow grape tomato ceviche * grilled japanese eggplant, moromi miso, orange zest Roasted Shiitake, New Style Sashimi     garlic, shredded ginger, chives, yuzu soy, new style oil Field Greens     Matsuhisa Dressing Seared Toro     Garlic Soy Pan Roasted Duck Breast     New […]

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Thought Of The Day

…my cooking is most about giving my customers little surprises  that will lead them to make discoveries about their own latent tastes…    -Nobu: The Cookbook (p. 10) It seems to me that a perfectly pan fried/cooked medium rare boneless short rib suggests the bite/texture of perfectly cooked wagyu.

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Ingredient Alert: Tilefish (Amadai)

Previously, on – * …Third, I included at least one dish that a layman could prepare. I wanted the viewers to think, “I can prepare that too.“…  -Iron Chef Rokusaburo Michiba I recently got inspired to cook tilefish and wanted to make tilefish rice (like the one prepared by Iron Chef Michiba [less […]

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The Masago Arare has arrived!

Thank you to Nobu Okamoto@Azuma Food International in NJ for helping to get this product to me via Ebisuya in Somerville, MA! So, for what applications would I use this product? I can think of Ocha Zuke and Iron Chef Morimoto’s Tartare for starters!