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Tonkatsu Sauce

I recently came across a menu item from Nobu Hotel, Las Vegas ( ) which had katsu/pork belly tonkatsu sandwich with ‘house tonkatsu (sauce)’. I later learned from the house katsu sauce was a prune katsu sauce.  So I got interested in trying to make a katsu meal; but how to make the […]

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Nobu Mackerel With Sansho Cucumber Salsa

…one day a Matsuhisa regular refused…sashimi…I drizzled the fish with ponzu and spooned over hot oil to cook it partially…she ended up eating every scrap of my first serving of New Style Sashimi… –Nobu: The Cookbook (p. 116) So I came across a recipe for Spanish Mackerel/Sawara with Sansho Cucumber Salsa in Nobu Miami: The […]

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