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Watercress Appetizer Soup

Previously, on – * So, I was thinking about how I was going to go about making an appetizer watercress soup and maintain it’s pepperiness.  After doing some research, I realized that the cream of cauliflower soup I’d made for New Years Eve dinner was not unlike the preparation from The Complete Robuchon […]

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On Appetizer Soups

Previously, on – * …my favorites are the amuse gueule soups, canape soups…just two or three sips of intense lobster, intense fennel, avacado or watercress… – The French Laundry Cookbook, p. 31 The full commentary on soup by Chef Thomas Keller can be found online here: Over the 2015/2016 holidays, I found […]

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Christmas Lamb Chops And Ron Siegel Shallot ‘Marmalade’

So I wanted to do something different for Christmas dinner 2015.   Then I thought – lamb ribchops.  Ok – so lamb and beans was a classic pairing and I wanted to add a twist.  That twist came in the form of Chef Ron Siegel’s ‘Shallot Marmalade’.  The recipe for the shallot marmalade can be found […]

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