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Romesco de L’Olive

My wife wanted something a little different for our supper last weekend. Since I was making pa amb tomaquet, I thought I would do a simple grilled chicken to go with it.  But how to give the dish that Catalan approach?  Fortunately, I found a Salbixada recipe in Miramar Torres’ The Catalan Country Kitchen (p […]

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Pa amb tomàquet

Previously, on – * Many years ago, I had the great fortune to visit Barcelona just before the start of 25th Olympic Games.  I was there, ostensibly, to study the works of Antonio Gaudi.  While there, I got the opportunity to have dinner at Restaurant L’Olivé (there’s a picture of the pa amb […]

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Approaching homemade bread

…if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn…                                                                                           Mrs. Dymond –Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie Recently, my wife and I noticed that we were having some difficulty finishing a loaf of commerically bought bread during […]

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Kung Pao

During the Qing Dynasty, Beijing’s finest kitchens were peopled with chefs from various parts of China. So, while this is a Sichuan recipe, it was developed in the home of a Mandarin noble, Ting Kung-Po. The chicken is stir-fried quickly, the mixed with crispy groundnuts (peanuts) and a spicy sauce for contrast.   –The Chinese Gourmet […]

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Sweet Peanut Crusted Mochi, Taiwan-Style

So I recently purchased some shiratama-ko from Ebisuya in Medford, MA and I wanted to get acquainted with the product with an eye towards replicating Iron Chef Michiba’s shiratamako with meringue enhanced mochi for his ozoni soup.  So one recipe I thought I would try was  Chef Che-wen Wang’s Omochi With Peanut recipe (The Heavenly Gift Of Chinese […]

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Sake Kawa Yaki (Crispy Salmon Skin)

Previously, on – * Sometimes when we get a nice piece of salmon fillet, before I portion it (if the recipe calls for a skinless fillet), *I* will take the skin off and reserve it for making crispy salmon skin.  Usually, I use it for making onigiri.  Additionally, the Nobu cookbooks have a […]

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Ingredient Alert: Mochi Rice Flour – Domyojiko And Shiratamako

Previously, on – * Ebisuya in Medford, MA  is now carrying both Domyojiko AND Shiratamako. I’ve discussed domyojiko before in making a dessert from Iron Chef Morimoto.  I started getting interested in the Shiratamako after seeing the Kurogi v Michiba yellowtail battle during the 2018 holidays where Iron Chef Michiba made a shiratamako/egg […]

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