World Of Nobu: Seafood Brown Rice Paella, Matsuhisa LA

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I was recently leafing through World Of Nobu when I noticed Yasuhiko Homma’s contribution of the paella to the book (p. 104).  Previously, I’d made a version of this dish from Nobu West.   What I found interesting was Chef Homma’s approach in preparing this dish.   Unlike the way that I had made this dish, Chef Homma first cooked the brown rice (his version, sprouted brown rice aka “hatsuga genmai”).   The implication was that I could precook the brown rice in my rice cooker instead of my paella pan/skillet!

So Chef Homma sautees in clarified butter with olive oil:

  • chopped onion
  • chopped (grated?) garlic

and then adds the cooked brown rice and sautees them together a little longer.  At that point, a hot broth of saffron, dashi and salt (5 cups of dashi, sprinkle of 1 1/4 teaspoons of saffron and1/2 teaspoon of 4:1 salt/pepper mix) would be added. Chef Homma specifies that the mix should be covered and ‘steamed’ for about a minute.

The seafood is added, the pan/pot is covered and ‘steamed’ until the assorted bivalves have opened.  At that point, red bell pepper ‘rings’ and broccoli florets are added.  The paella is cooked until the seasoned saffron dashi broth is absorbed/evaporated.

This seemed to me a much easier way to make this dish with the precooked brown rice and then quickly assembling all the other elements to progressively cook through in a single cooking vessel.

Thank you Chef Yasuhiko Homma and Matsuhisa-sama for showing a much easier way to prepare this dish!

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