Basho Omakase No Kokoro 30 Apr 2010

Nama Tofu
– marinated shimeji, minced scallions, yuzu zest, soy dashi

Poached Prawn ‘Salad’
– carmelized walnuts, jalapeno aioli,
– field greens with ginger lemon dressing
– and dehydrated tomato slice, carmelized walnuts

Cold Smoked Hamachi Sashimi On Taro Chip
– Grilled tomato & chives, Red miso cured cream cheese,
Microgreens, Grapfruit Gastrique, Choya gelee

Lobster Miso (With Mushroom Foam)
– Chicken Broth, onion, maitake, tokyo negi, red pepper

Mushroom Foam For Lobster Miso, to be added by diner

Sweet Potato Puree Cooked Foie Gras ‘nigiri’
– Sweet potato puree, choya gelee, gari

– Kanpachi aburi sashimi, chardonnay gelee, microgreens with citrus dressing,
– toro maki aburi, ginger sauce, white garlic sauce, jalapeno slice
– sake aburi nigiri, tomato, shallot, and jalapeno aioli
– hirame nigiri, ume dot, shiso
– gundan kobe, minced red onion, ginger sauce, wasabi dot

Grilled ‘tasting’
– Chicken tsukune, BBQ flavor
– Spicy duck, eringi, negi, spicy mustard
– cherry tomato wrapped pork belly
– soft shell crab tempura with spicy mustard
– microgreens, dried bell pepper slice, tentsuyu

– banana tempura, candied walnuts, orange supreme
– matcha ice cream, mint
– ‘sweet creamy’ chawanmushi, fresh pear

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